The Chilli Effect Sting Like a Bee

The Chilli Effect Sting Like a Bee


Sting Like a Bee packs a serious punch, so get in the ring, dance with delight and prepare yourself for the knockout blow. With multi-award winning flavour and solid heat, this sauce is seriously addictive.

So what’s the flavour?

Sting Like a Bee opens with a delicious blend of Indian spices and floral Australian honey, but don’t be fooled, the Trinidad Scorpion heat is coming…and coming in hard!

"This stuff is your very own instant VINDALOO from a bottle!!!" - Mark

Try Sting Like a Bee with Chicken, hot wings, fish and veggies


- World Hot Sauce Awards (USA) – Silver Medal – Indian Category

- Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards (TAS) - Silver Medal

- Mr Chilli Awards (AUS) - Gold Medal 

What's the Chilli?

27.5% Trinidad Scorpion and Habanero this one is extremely hot!

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