The Chilli Effect Wizard's Lingering Burn

The Chilli Effect Wizard's Lingering Burn


Wizard’s Lingering Burn is our classic smoky Cajun style hot sauce, crafted with fresh habanero and birds eye chillies to deliver a deliciously long and satisfying burn.

As our most versatile sauce, Wizard’s Lingering Burn is perfect with pizza, pasta, burgers and the classic cheese toasty.

So what’s the flavour?

This was Mark's first hot sauce recipe, the one that started the journey for us and a fond favourite of ours.

Wizard’s Lingering Burn delivers smooth and tangy Cajun tomato flavours topped with fruity notes of the mighty habanero as it leaves a delicious lingering burn.  

Try Wizard’s Lingering Burn on just about anything, it goes perfectly with pizza, pasta, burgers, wings and all grilled meats. It's as easy to use as either Frank's hot sauce or the famous sriracha sauce.


- Royal Hobart Fine Food Awards - Silver Medal

What's the Chilli?

14% Habanero & Bird's eye delivers a good satisfying burn that really builds and then lingers.

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