Wyld Smoke Rubs and Cures

Wyld Smoke Rubs and Cures


The Churrasco Rub brings with it visions of South American BBQ, hot coals and aromas of charred meat.  The rub offers a blend of heat, salt and smoky spices, with coffee adding a unique depth of flavour.

Dusty's Blend is a great all-purpose rub produced with a careful blend of spices - a hint of Morocco with a little Aussie outback thrown in. Not a hot rub, Dusty's provides a flavour explosion when added to smoked meats. 

The Wyld Smoke Rib Rub can best be described as Kentucky BBQ style; salty with a little bit of sweet and a little bit of heat.

The Wyld Smoke Smokehouse rub is a blend of salty, peppery spice with aromas of the smoked paprika and a hint of coffee.

The Makin Bacon Rub carries notes of aniseed and maple woven into the mix to impart great bold flavour into cured bacon or salt pork.

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