Heatlie Island Gourmet

Heatlie Island Gourmet

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A first for the bbq market, The Heatlie Island Gourmet Elite is designed to be dropped into a bench top made from any material, including combustible materials such as wood. It comes flat packed with instructions for easy assembly included and has been specially designed to be put together with minimal fuss and few additional components. Before the bbq is installed you will need to have a bench organised as the bbq sits into the bench top. You can also purchase the Heatlie Island Gourmet cabinet which has the necessary ventilation requirements as specified by the Australian Standards.

NOTE:  Correct ventilation is required in the bench for the product to work properly and ensure product warranty. Click here for ventilation requirements 

**For more information on Heatlie Packages, Accessories and Upgrades please contact one of our retail stores*** 

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