Pit Brothers Classic Meat Jus

Pit Brothers Classic Meat Jus

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Pit Brothers BBQ – For Gravy Lovers Everywhere

We’ve created a premium range of gravy sensations to compliment you and your style of cooking. The Pit Brothers BBQ Classic Meat Jus delivers a rich but refined restaurant quality flavour, a perfect aus jus accompaniment to all your meat dishes, and is sensational with bangers and mash.

If you need a quick and delicious instant sauce to accompany your food, we’ve got your back – just mix up some powdered gravy for instant flavour and presentation. And because our au jus sauce is dry, it will keep in the pantry until you need it. Powdered gravy mix is convenient and great for topping so many different foods, whether you’re a beginner or experienced level cook.

Every Pit Brothers gravy is sourced from the best quality ingredients and each mix has been combined specifically to deliver the best seasoning regardless of what you are looking to prepare. Cook with confidence, no matter who is coming to dinner.

To use our au jus gravy mix, simply add 2-4 teaspoons to boiling water and mix well before serving over food. You can also add powder gravy to stocks, soups, stews and casseroles for distinguished wow-factor. Enjoy!

Product Details:

  • Gluten Free 
  • Restaurant Style Classic Aus Jus Mix
  • Delicious Blend of Seasoning, Spices & Herbs
  • Pantry Staples For Every Occasion
  • Suits All Meat Dishes