Tramontina 5 Pce Low & Slow Set - Includes Knife Roll

Tramontina 5 Pce Low & Slow Set - Includes Knife Roll

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Make every cook prep a dream with the Tramontina Low and Slow 5 Piece Knife Set with Roll, is designed specifically for the precision and performance required for competition style BBQ.

The Tramontina Low n Slow 5 Piece Knife Roll set is essential for every cook with all the must-haves included such as:

  • Tramontina 6'' Boning Knife - Featuring a narrow blade and sharpened point, this knife easily prepares fish, poultry and meat
  • Tramontina 10'' Carving Knife - Precision curved and sharpened to carve perfect slices with ease
  • Tramontina 12'' Brisket Slicer - A sharpened, scalloped blade, this knife allows expert slices of Brisket, Ham and Roasts in one stroke.
  • Tramontina 10'' Sharpener - A requirement to keep your Low & Slow knives exceptionally sharp
  • Tramontina Pouch - A handy way to store your knives to ensure they stay sharp and safe

For adventurous amateur cooks to expert-level home chef’s, each piece in the Tramontina Low and Slow 5 Piece Knife set is made from high quality German steel that effortlessly slices, allowing you to get the perfect cut every time.

Fitted with a contoured plastic handle that provides a comfortable, secure grip, these Tramontina knives also feature an antibacterial treatment that prevents the blade or handle from developing bacteria build-ups, leading to cleaner and healthier cooking.